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Copper Blues Presents: Ronnie Winters

December 22, 2018

Ronnie Winters

Ronnie Winters

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  • Show Type: Variety

Ronnie Winters:

Ronnie Winters, Phoenix Arizona area guitarist/singer, has been playing professionally in various music scenes for nearly two thirds of his life. Lending his reknowned technical and melodic sensibility to both “RIG” as well as “The Walkens” via guitar and vocals, Winters has the experience and skill coveted by many and possessed by few. Starting his career as a young teenager in the midwest, he moved out to Arizona in 1989 to join punk band “Dashboard Mary”, a band which was locally successful and a muscian’s favorite band, opening for acts such as “The Goo Goo Dolls”, “Reverend Horton Heat”, “The Sidewinders”, “The Gin Blossoms”, and “The Meat Puppets”. Winters moved on to form power-pop trio “Gene Pool” in Phoenix in 1992, playing the scene for three years before moving on to join “The Scones”. After being an integral member of this highly successful band for nearly fifteen years, Winters continues to share with his huge fanbase and newcomers his virtuoso and enigmatic stage presence. His latest project, “RIG”, is by far the most exciting and accomplished outing to date! Emulating skill and style ranging from Townshend to Gilmour to Lifeson coupled with the songwriting and pop/rock sensibility of acts such as Radiohead, Dada, The Beatles and the ‘Mats, Ronnie Winters is definitely a hard act to follow!