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Block 23 is the highly anticipated mixed-use project in Downtown Phoenix. The development will be home to the area’s first grocery store by Fry’s Food Stores, which has long been sought after by residents and city leaders.

Slated for completion in 2019, Block 23 will also include approximately 330 apartments by StreetLights Residential, 200,000 square feet of creative office space, restaurant and retail uses along with above- and below-grade parking.

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See a time lapse of Block 23 Construction:







Block 23 Construction Update

Shedding some light on the project… Check out the Block 23 cranes lit up at night!

Here is the construction schedule for the Block 23 Development with estimated noise and traffic impacts.

Recently Completed (as of 04/04/18)
– B1 Vertical Columns
– B1 Grease Interceptor and Ejector Pit
– B1 UG Electrical Feeders
– Level 1 Pour 1 Formwork, Reinforcing, and MEP Rough
– Level 1 Pour 2 Framework

In Progress
– Level 1 Formwork, Reinforcing, and MEP Rough. Noise Impact 3/10. Traffic Impact 2/10. *Night work ongoing.
– Residential Mockup

Upcoming Work
– Level 2 Formwork and Reinforcing. Noise Impact 3/10. Traffic Impact 3/10. *Night work ongoing.


Thank you all for your patience as this incredibly vital addition joins our downtown skyline.

Check in on progress on the webcam HERE